Lohusalu Harbour

Protected from the elements, Lohusalu is a small harbour on the north coast of Estonia right next to Laulasmaa. It offers visitors 24-hour surveillance, modern amenities and both leisure and dining options.
Lohusalu is also the home base for Tallinn Yacht Club.

Lohusalu Harbour is a hub of social activity in summer – dances, concerts, plays and other cultural events are staged here, and there is entertainment for people of all ages.

Sightseeing in the surrounding area

Lohusalu and Laulasmaa’s beaches

Both Lohusalu and nearby Laulasmaa boast beautiful sandy beaches, which have made them popular summer destinations for years. More information about Lohusalu can be found here and about Laulasmaa here.

Arvo Pärt Centre

Just under 4 km from Lohusalu Harbour is the Arvo Pärt Centre – the personal archive of the world-renowned Estonian composer and a creative meeting place for everyone interested in his music and ideas. You can explore Pärt’s back catalogue of music and materials and enjoy the regular concerts and talks that are given at the centre.

Laulasmaa Spa

Laulasmaa Spa Hotel offers accommodation, a wide range of spa services, a water and sauna centre, opportunities for active relaxation and venues for conferences and business meetings. It also has its own restaurant. Lohusalu Harbour is easy to reach from Laulasmaa on foot, by bike or using public transport.

Keila-Joa manor & park

There is enough to see and do in Keila-Joa to fill an entire day – from one of Estonia’s most impressive waterfalls (after which the place is named) and the forested hiking trails in the manor park to the 17th century manor itself. The jewel in the crown of the complex is its aristocratic mansion, which was constructed in 1833 and restored to its former glory in 2013. Today it is home to a hotel, a restaurant and a museum showcasing the history of the estate.
To find out more about the manor itself, click here.

Treppoja cascades

These cascades are among the prettiest in Estonia and are worth visiting at any time of year – whether in the height of summer of the depths of winter. A bridge has been constructed for visitors from which it is safe to admire the surroundings.

Türisalu cliffs

The views from atop these limestone cliffs, which stand 31 metres above sea level, are the very definition of picturesque. The cliffs themselves make for an impressive sight from the water below.